Hi, I’m Alexa Roman.

Update 11/15 – I’m moving the blog and portfolio to alexaroman.com.  Please find me there as I will be removing this site soon.

I am a user experience practitioner passionate about results-driven design.  While I work in the digital realm, I am always looking for projects that reach beyond the screen.

This is my blog about architecture, design and technology.

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Blog is moving to alexaroman.com/blog

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for following this blog at craftwork.la and for your messages and comments.  I am moving the blog as well as my portfolio to alexaroman.com

I will be redirecting this domain there shortly (as soon as I get my email sorted out).

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The Lineage of UX

What do we mean when we say “UX”?

The Wikipedia definition is this:

User experience (UX) involves a person’s emotions about using a particular product, system or service. User experience highlights the experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership.

Don Norman is often credited as being the first to hold a user experience title.   When he joined Apple in the early 90s, he was an Apple Fellow and User Experience Architect.  Norman’s background is in engineering and psychology which made him a uniquely qualified candidate to consider what a user’s experience should be.  Even though his work has been much broader than computers, it seems that the initial correlation of UX and technology informed the context for UX for years.

These days, UX is ubiquitous in the startup scene and even in established companies.   Continue reading

Eames Molded Plastic Chairs

What is the Future of Design?

“What are the boundaries of design?” Madame Amic

“What are the boundaries of problems?” Charles Eames

Interview with Charles Eames entitled “What is Design?” 

I heard this interchange between Madame Amic and Eames at least one hundred times while working the Eames exhibit at the A+D Museum.  I can actually hear Charles Eames saying these words in my head as I write this.  At the time, I was applying to architecture school.  It resonated with me as I considered methods of creating architecture.  With my shift to UX, it continues to influence the way I work today. Continue reading

Investigate The Ordinary

This morning, I was reading an article called “The Art of Looking” by Maria Popova on Brain Pickings.  When I take the time to read them, Popova’s articles have a tendency to pull me out of what I am doing and think more contextually.  More humanly.

The article is a detailed review of Alexandra Horowitz’s book On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes. Popova begins her piece by quoting Annie Dillard and Marguerite Duras – reminding the reader to stay present, at least long enough to read the article.   Continue reading


Design Is For Kids

Design is an understudied field.

It is usually overlooked in formative education.  Most people seem to stumble upon design sometime between high school and college.  Unless you choose to become a designer, you may miss out on design awareness for many years.  And without an awareness of how the things in our world came to be – cars, lightbulbs, streets, parks, our schools and homes – how can we grow up to become effective, problem-solving citizens?

The A+D Museum and Rios Clementi Hale Studios are trying to change that. Continue reading